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December 30, 2011
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Note: This takes a different spin on the story, the Space Race, in issues 161 and 162 of the Fleetway Sonic comics. It contains vorish shenanigans and so you have been warned.

So here he was. The Hero of Mobius, completely and utterly humiliated by this orange recolor. Sonic had lost the race, and as a result, his side's ship was to be destroyed. Fortunately, Amy, as nutso as she tended to be, was able to take control of the ship like any sane, responsible girl her age, and fly it away to safety. Sonic however, was out of luck, left on this asteroid with the orange-furred, alien breed of hedgehog, Turbo.
"Leave the dishonorable loser to his fate, Turbo." An intercom buzzed into Turbo's helmet.
Turbo had to admit, he felt a bit bad leaving Sonic to die, but, he had no choice – to defy his masters was to put his family's lives at risk. He bid Sonic farewell as a luminous beam came down on him, only to be caught by surprise as Sonic pounced on him, now locked in the beam with him!
"Idiot! You can't come with m-" Turbo spoke, interrupted as the beam did its job, sucking them both into the belly of the ship above.
Needless to say, Turbo's superiors, viewing him as little more than a tool, weren't pleased. They soon threw both hedgehogs in the brig. The two hedgehogs were told that one would dispose of the other, and the victor would become the new champion.
"Great going, Sonic. Now we're BOTH going to rot away in here." Turbo scowled, "Hopefully, your metabolism is faster than mine and starvation will do you in."
"There's only room for one speedy hedgehog anyway, but I can guarantee it'll be me! …even if I don't really wanna be a part of your weirdos' race." Sonic crossed his arms, sitting against the cold, metallic walls. At least the hum of the engine would keep him sane; he got the feeling he and Turbo wouldn't exactly make great conversation. Turbo was similar in personality, but that was just it – putting two complete jerks in a room all alone would just make them cannibalise eachother.
Turbo's thoughts raced with ways to get out; he'd prefer not to kill Sonic, but he had to survive. He had a family to fight for, to hopefully return home to… thinking on Sonic's words, his lips curled into a slight smirk. Turbo motioned with his fingers for the blue one to come over, not wanting to cause too much noise.
Sonic's chocolate eyes narrowed, though he shrugged and paced over to Turbo's side. "'Kay Turbo. Tell me what your neato plan to get us killed is." He was smart enough to know that they'd likely try a few escape attempts and then one would likely maul the other out of frustration.
Turbo moved closer, whispering into Sonic's ear, blue ears perking with interest, "I know a way for us to both get out of here, but it's kind of crazy…"
"And what'd that b- guuuuh!" Sonic was caught by surprise as that sharp tip of Turbo's tail dug into his neck, right where a major blood vessel was. He made a point to try and yank it out, though Turbo grabbed at Sonic's hands as he pumped the hero full of venom. Every passing second, more of the potent liquid coursed into the hero's veins, his fast-beating heart ensuring rapid circulation. Sonic felt his grip weaken. He began to lose sensation in his limbs, the poison doing its work of interfering with his nervous system, making him an easier target for Turbo. As Sonic felt gravity seem to increase several fold, the hero slumped forward, though Turbo grasped him.
He slowly withdrew his tail from Sonic's neck, the blue blur's eyes looking into Turbo's as he made a weak glare, Sonic almost feeling fear at how vulnerable he now was. Turbo had grasped Sonic, however, because it wasn't his intent to kill Sonic in such a manner; the hole his tail had made in Sonic's neck would surely cause him to bleed out if the stinger was withdrawn without caution. As such, he took a few minutes to pull it out entirely, letting Sonic's blood coagulate and seal the wound.
With such a vital artery finally sealed, Turbo relaxed his tail, swishing it behind him as he continued to hold Sonic. Sonic would weakly twitch from time to time, almost every inch of his body completely immobilized by the toxins now coursing through him.
Turbo stroked Sonic's head, as if to re-assure him, but also to enjoy his newfound position of complete dominance over a once-proud opponent. "I wasn't lying, Sonic. Both of us can leave here, but you wouldn't go along with it if you were fully mobile."
Sonic made a weak attempt at a growl, the tiny, barely audible sound making Turbo chuckle. The orange speedster patted Sonic's head, as his tail slowly began to lift back up… "Don't worry. This'll be over quick…"
Sonic couldn't help but notice the tailtip nearing his face. He moved to get away, but his nerves wouldn't receive his commands. His muscles remained static, leaving him limp and weak as ever. He was sure Turbo was going to stab him again, this time to end him. He closed his eyes… oddly, the only part of him that really seemed to respond anymore.
…only to not receive a fatal puncture to his skull, as had been expected. He hesitantly opened his eyes, noticing Turbo looking down at him from his peripheral vision.
"Now that your nap is over, I think I can get to showing you what I mean."
Sonic was confused; what the heck was this freak up to? He'd just stabbed him faster than a person in the run down parts of Metropolis, rendering him defenseless, and was convinced that this would somehow solve both their problems. Clearly, Robotnik wasn't the only one who needed to be given a warm, cozy home in a padded cell.
…Sonic soon found out all he needed to know, when that tail tip seemed to widen. The tip gradually formed into a wide, fleshy ring, a maw of sorts. Sonic was forced to gaze inside, and given the bioluminescence of the cyan, pulsing flesh, he could see quite a ways in! Slime trailed between the flesh in places, and Sonic would have gulped had he been able; he suddenly had an idea what Turbo had in mind!
The azure hedgehog found his vision eclipsed by cyan-tinted darkness as that tail descended on him, the tail flesh akin to a rubber tube in how easily it stretched, but at the same time, remained taut, likely to prevent escape. There even seemed to be teeth-like protrusions around the edges of the "maw," gripping Sonic. The ridged edges had gripped around his neck, Sonic's world entirely vanished in favor of the tail's innards.
'Least it's well-lit.' Sonic thought as he rolled his eyes. He didn't really have a choice in this!
Turbo couldn't help but let out an "mmm!" of satisfaction as the end of his tail bulged with his blue rival. His anatomy's oddities didn't end with the fact his tail was an orifice, or that his innards produced light; taste buds lined the interior of his tail, and thus he could enjoy Sonic's rich taste as if he was being swallowed in an ordinary fashion. It didn't stop there – that wonderful stretched sensation, that of consuming a living being whole and alive, was enough to force his cyan-tinged tongue to loll out in pleasure…   
The rippling, slimy interior quivered and convulsed around Sonic, muscles tugging at him as his sharp quills were matted down with that thick slime. With his quills out of the way, Turbo wouldn't have a single issue consuming the other hedgehog.
That taut, round bulge in Turbo's tail grew as the gaping tail's maw yawned wider, accepting Sonic's chest and shoulders. Sonic could stare deeper and deeper into the never ending depths, twitching every once in a while, the result of a feeble attempt at a struggle. The slimy flesh would push against his face as he was dragged in, intense, humid warmth embracing him. The thick juices would run down his face, all in full detail as the cyan light illuminated his journey inward.
To make this easier, Turbo stood up, his tailmaw continuing to grip Sonic tightly, like a parent to its child. He turned around so his back was to Sonic, the blue-furred morsel would now have an easier journey inside, given that the rubbery tunnel would no longer have any obstructions in its task of making Turbo and Sonic one.
The prehensile orange tail just continued to grow in size as the flesh "gulped" around Sonic's limp body, the hero helpless as he was reduced to little more than a bulge in the racer's posterior. Like a ravenous anaconda, the tail greedily snapped him up, clothes and all, reaching Sonic's narrow waist. His gloves didn't last very long, the copious juices quickly corroding the cloth, the liquefied remnants seeping into the walls. Just more nutrients for Turbo to absorb!
Sonic's head began to push against a tight, constricted ring as his thighs were worked in. He didn't know what was more horrible – the fact he couldn't move, or the fact he could still feel every inch of his journey. While that slick, rubbery tube pulsed and tugged at his body, that tight entrance finally opened, his head now in an even hotter, more humid place than before. His head was pushing into Turbo's body, that thick bulge in the Xenohog's tail starting to vanish from view, Turbo's abdomen slowly beginning to round out as Sonic was worked into his bowels…
Turbo groaned with satisfaction, gloved hands rubbing over his middle as that bulge continued to move inside – it was always a blissful sensation, feeling his tailbase stretch to accommodate those lucky enough to be absorbed in this manner! Sonic's world-famous shoes were all that remained of the sapphire-furred hero, and they didn't last long. A last few tugs, and a push from Turbo's fingers, and they vanished from sight. Those juices began to tear the soles of the shoes apart, able to withstand such incredible velocities, but not an alien's powerful digestive enzymes. The tip of his tail soon sealed shut around the massive meal, the fluids and muscles doing their part to make it near-impossible to open the tip back up without Turbo's explicit command. Sonic was his now.
Turbo grunted, leaning against the wall as he groaned in delight. His tail flexed instinctively, making Sonic's snug confines even tighter, to the point the hero feared he would soon pop from the pressure. Turbo was but a young xenohog; he'd only absorbed a handful in his time, and as such, was still overcome by the orgasmic pleasure whenever he'd consume his newest meal. Sonic would be by far the most exotic and skilled…
Both hands pressed against the wall, the yellow patch on his forehead bumping against the cold, smooth metal, Turbo let his tail finish the job of swallowing his rival. With each passing second, the peristalsis yanked Sonic in deeper, the bulge in his tail growing smaller and less prominent. Before long, the bump that had been Sonic's feet slipped into his hot, rippling depths, his tail regaining its thin, ropey appearance, as if none of the events had even transpired.
He panted, his long, cyan tongue drooping from his jaws, unable to comprehend how easily he'd just consumed the hero of Mobius, the one chosen to battle him. Now, Sonic was no more; there was just a large, sagging bulge in his middle. Turbo seated himself, the soft, white fabric of his gloves gliding over his distended belly. His teeth naturally locked into a grin at having enjoyed such a triumph.
Sonic could still breathe despite his paralysis, weak as each breath would be. He immediately regretted being able to do so. The musk within Turbo's depths was overwhelming, the odor flooding his nostrils. The heat was a stark contrast to the chilly air of the cell, and that thick, copious slime likewise a prominent change from the dry confines of the outside world. Squishy muscles massaged him all over, pulling him in deeper. He was able to feel his now completely naked body having pushed through Turbo's tailbase. Turbo's juices had dissolved his clothes in minutes, and, while not a rocket scientist, Sonic could deduce that Turbo would likely digest him just as quickly as he had the attire.
Turbo's tail leading straight towards his stomach, it didn't take long before the xenohog felt his prey push inside. The nerves along the length of his tails' innards always seemed to be more sensitive, as he could feel Sonic's form push through yet another of those rings, this time the last, into the acidic chamber. He groaned as the fleshy tunnel of his tail sealed shut tight, trapping Sonic in a tight, curled up ball, elastic, slickened walls hugging his body, a rubber prison. A prison that did more than hold its inmates – it integrated them into its very walls.
While the venom's effects had weakened, they had no fully dissipated. Sonic could only twitch ineffectively, unable to take any effective action against the Xenohog's plans. He could only hear soft gurgles all around him, as well as gentle, steady heartbeat, and a steady wooshing of fluids, likely Turbo's blood flow.
  Sonic found himself deafened as the alien let out a proud, massive belch, almost all the air in the snug, slimy sack being sucked out in the process. Turbo could only groan in satisfaction as he smacked his lips, the taste of Sonic now in both of his maws, further reminding him of his victory. Of course, his red eyes soon showed a bit of thought, and as such, he gulped some more air down for his prisoner… he wouldn't need it much longer, anyway.
Turbo's gloved claws rubbed over his bulged, swollen middle, knowing the blue hero could hear him very well as well as breathe, despite the potent neurotoxin's effects.
"Listen up, Sonic. I told you I wasn't lying… both of us can get out of here alive. Unfortunately, you're gonna have to become part of me first…" He stroked a digit along his bulbous stomach, purring in satisfaction – stretched, sensitive flesh was always so much fun to stroke…
Sonic's cheeks moved slightly, as did his eyebrows, trying to form into an angry glare. Boy did Sonic wish he was capable of going Super… he'd tear Turbo a new one from the inside out! But here he was, with dwindling air supply, all of his efforts futile… but he wasn't going to give in to becoming hedgehog soup so easily!
If there was anger in his eyes before, it quickly became shock and pain as he felt something horrid. It was like a dagger had been run through him, and while his lips parted slightly, in his attempt at a scream, no sounds left his mouth. Turbo, nonetheless, could visualize what was going on in his gut pretty well… they all had the same reaction. Fortunately, he could remain ignorant of it all thanks to that precious venom of his!
Sonic twitched after a few moments, feeling his limbs and eyes grow heavy. His breathing ceased, not because he couldn't breathe anymore, but because he oddly didn't feel… the need. Curled up in a ball, the gentle, soothing motions of the stomach rocked him into a hesitant sleep…
Little did Sonic know what had transpired! A long, fleshy tube had punctured him, right in the navel, in a similar manner to Turbo's tail a few minutes prior. Within seconds, the many cells inside had gone to work, rebuilding Sonic's innards so that they linked to Turbo's. His organs began to slow down, before ceasing function entirely, no longer needed as the alien's superior systems took over. To conserve both their energies, Sonic was put into a slumber without his consent… but he'd be glad. It'd make the absorption not just painless, but timeless, Sonic would never know what had happened until it was all over… more or less.
Turbo would absorb Sonic over the course of little over a day. Special cells flowed between their bodies as their bloodstreams intertwined, copying everything about Sonic's body worth keeping. That powerful heart, potent lungs, and incredibly-toned legs were of interest. They were the first to go, the unconscious Sonic continuing his pleasant dreams as gurgles signified the digestion of those parts. Not that Sonic needed them anymore, given that, like an unborn child in a womb, Turbo was taking care of everything. In fact, Sonic was more akin to an organ than a hedgehog…
The orange Xenohog groaned with satisfaction… if the act of consumption was pleasing, the actual absorption was pure, orgasmic bliss. His cells rebuilt his body as they broke down Sonic's, a process that consumed so much energy he too had to sleep through it. His legs thickened and toned with what was taken from Sonic, while his heart and lungs restructured themselves to be ready for the intense speeds. As he dozed, Turbo's face curled into a grin… once they became one, there would be nothing they couldn't do!
Their nerves having joined as much as their other systems, each knew what the other was feeling. Sonic, even in his unconscious state, knew he was growing weaker by the second, that he was fading away, becoming just another part of Turbo's being. As much as he hated the idea of not being his own person anymore… there were worse ways to go. Turbo, meanwhile, couldn't wait to test out the power he'd inherit from the hero of Mobius… and was even more delighted at Sonic's reluctant acceptance…
With the necessary parts copied and added to Turbo, the enzymes were quick to get to work on the rest. What was once the young, fit hero of Mobius, was swiftly digested. Every gurgle, glorp and groan of Turbo's belly, every massive, juicy belch, was just another marker for Sonic becoming part of the Xenohog. Fur dissipated, flesh melted, and bones dissolved. Within hours, Sonic was just a thick soup. A soup that diffused through the walls, the nutrient-rich slurry feeding every inch of Turbo's body.
Fortunately, that was not the Blue Blur's end. Turbo considered Sonic a worthy opponent, one that should literally, as well as metaphorically, live on within him. Every ounce of his personality was transferred into Turbo, as his body was steadily broken down, allowing him to live on in the recesses of the Xenohog's mind. If Turbo ever felt generous, he could even let Sonic take control of his body… a big if, however. Either way, all aspects of Sonic's memories, personality and physique were now in the orange hedgehog's possession, making him better and more powerful than ever before.
After that long, seemingly unending period of unconsciousness, to the point it felt more like hibernation than rest, Turbo awoke. An eye slowly opened, as he yawned, cyan flesh, blue tongue, and dark throat in plain sight to any invisible spectators. He belched out the last bit of gas that Sonic's body had contained, before moving to stand. As he stood up, he stretched… before looking down, a grin soon occupying his face.
He had gotten huge! All that mass Sonic's lithe body hid had been absorbed into him, as well as the traces of Chaos energy the hero kept sealed within him. The tiny cell had become ever more cramped, the two hedgehogs combined into one large, burly hog.
Turbo stretched out his arm, before flexing his biceps, watching the impressive swelling in his arms. Using clawed hands, he massaged each of his own arms and shoulders, working out the kinks in the muscles…
Also noticeable was how bulky his legs had become. A large, shapely rump protruded backward from his hips, and his once ropey tail had become thick and long, now capable of being a blunt object as much as a means of stinging his prey.
Rubbing his ample eight pack and engorged pectorals, Turbo sighed. He couldn't keep this look… at least not right now. He didn't want to scare away the competition; he loved the thrill of combat. Even if his family was on the line… he increasingly participated in battles simply to entertain himself, to get his blood pumping.
With a wince and a bit of focus, he began to shrink and compact… regaining his small, diminutive form from before. No one would ever know that Sonic had vanished into him, granting him all his powers… even that famed speed. He patted his knees with a smirk at that thought.
Upon being released, asked what he had done with the prisoner, Turbo merely leaned in close to the guard and belched thunderously into his ear, the smell of digested flesh and quills wafting into the guard's nose.
"Figure it out." That was all the orange Xenohog had to say before going off to his next match… ignoring the many protests Sonic's consciousness would shout from the back of his mind.
M/M Vore. Turbo eats Sonic.

All characters SEGA
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